How to Determine if your Investment Property Needs a New Roof

How to Determine if your Investment Property Needs a New Roof

The first step should be an inspection of the interior of a home. Check all the ceilings. Look for discolorations, blistering, or cracking in the paint. These are the signs of a roof leak. Left unchecked they can cause serious damage. They most often occur near the exterior walls, dormers, and chimneys of a home. A roof leak is not necessarily a sign that a roof needs to be replaced. It is a sign that timely repairs are needed.

The Look of a Roof that needs to be Replaced

  • A roof has a life cycle. In the end stages its performance is drastically reduced and it must be replaced. These are the signs.
  • Missing Shingle s – Indicates a brittle shingle with the seal strips wearing out.
  • Missing Granules – At the end of a roof’s life cycle the granules on the surface begin to wear out and loosen. The asphalt surface of the shingle is then exposed causing dry out and cracking.
  • Curling Shingles – With an old roof, curling shingles indicate that the asphalt of the shingle is beginning to dry out. Eventually they will crack or break apart leaving the roof vulnerable to leaking.
  • Blistering Shingles – Blistering indicates that there is moisture in the shingle. At this stage the shingle has become ineffective and water will soon penetrate the roof deck.
  • Roof Buckling – The number one cause of roof buckling is improper ventilation. Other causes are improper installation and installation over old shingles. Ventilation is one of the most important factors in the life span of a new roof. When you have your roof replaced ensure the contractor is planning for proper ventilation.
  • Sagging Roof – A sagging roof is an indication of water damaged wood. It may be rotting and losing its structural integrity.

How much will a Roof Replacement Cost

The first step in comparing a roofing contractor is to receive proposals from three roofing contractors. You may be tempted to take the lowest bid. This may or may not work out. The lowest bid doesn’t necessarily mean the best value. Value exists in skilled roofers installing quality roofing products. A company that can provide value is often not the lowest bidder.

A professional roofing contractor will generally charge $350 per square foot for a shingle roof replacement. This price will increase if the roof is extremely steep or complex. The easiest way to determine the square footage of a shingle roof is to use a service like Eagleview. The cost of a flat roof tear off and replacement is generally $300 per square foot. A flat roof can also be roofed over for a cost of $225 per Sq. Ft. To determine the square footage of a flat roof simply multiply the length by the width.

A new roof is a big out of pocket expense, but one that will protect your investment property for years to come. It will stop leaks, make the home look better than new, and make resale easier. Sean Henderson is passionate about roofing and delivers quality roofing services in Philadelphia PA.